So, what do you get when you mix Lenny Kravitz, The Foo Fighters, Kid Rock, Ann & Nancy Wilson from Heart and Kid Rock?  An amazing tribute to Led Zeppelin.

At the end of December, I was going through my DVR and came across the Kennedy Center Honors from 2012.  There was a reason I never deleted it and once I started watching, I knew exactly why… I couldn’t see through the tears streaming down my face to find the delete button on my remote.

I dare you to sit through this entire Led Zeppelin tribute culminating in Jason Bonham the son of original drummer joining Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart for an emotional cover of “Stairway to Heaven” without getting a little teary-eyed.

Oh, and did I mention that a choir joins in as well, just when you think you can’t take any more?  Sorry about that.

Happy (well, somewhat happy) watching!